Tales of The Protectors: The Assault

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 21: The Assault

I ran as fast as  I could, but when I got to headquarters I was too late. Clones had already started attacking. Our infantry men were spread out, firing every round of their ammo. The Fighters were at close range using there swords. I hear some call my name and it’s Rafael, he’s taking cover behind a pile of rubble. I ran up to his position and took cover. He handed me my sword and said that they started attacking about an hour ago, they’ve managed to drive a lot of the clones back but a lot keep on coming.

I asked him about everyone else. I asked where X-Keller, Cissnei, and Siefer were. Rafael told me that Siefer never came back after he left the meeting and Cissnei was somewhere fighting, he was trying to find her when he found me. Thats when five clones ambushed us. We fought them off and decided the best thing to do was head to the building. We find a way to drive all of them all away at once.

We made our way to the building, fighting as we ran. We took out over a dozen of them before we reached the building. We made our way to the top of the building were X-Keller’s office is and we found him inside. He said that he had an idea on how to stop all of them and to hopefully stop more from coming. There was a machine hidden in the basement of the building. It’s a forcefield generator that will block more from coming in and if the power gets a little boost it may be able to destroy the existing ones around the building.  He said that we needed to get it to the roof to give make it more effective. So the three of us ran down to the basement.

Explosions happening outside, bullets firing everywhere, this situation was getting worse and worse by the minute. When we got to the basement X-Keller grabbed the device, which looked like a big satellite dish, and we ran back up to the roof. As we made it halfway a bunch of clones ambushed us in one of the hallways. Rafael told us to go and blasted them away with his wind elemental and said he would stay and hold them off. X-Keller and I made it to the roof and put the device in place. He said that it needed time to start up. Thats when I noticed Cissnei below, fighting off a bunch of clones by herself. I didn’t have time to run all the way down, so I jumped off the roof. I landed on the ground next to her and started fighting.

We fought off as many as we could, but they just keep on coming. We were getting wore out. Thats when one lunged at Cissnei and I couldn’t get to her in time. That’s when Rafael jumped in and sliced the clone in half. Now it was three on about a thousand. Many of the infantry men where either dead or injured. We thought it was over, that Jenis and Hollzad had won. That’s when they all just vanished and this blue-like wall appeared. X-Keller must have activated the forcefield.

X-Keller jumped from the roof and told all of us to get the injured to the medical wing as soon as possible. But we had no time, we heard a voice from the sky and there he was, Jenis, the real Jenis, floating out of the sky.

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