Tales of The Protectors: Friends vs. Foe

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 22: Friends vs. Foe

He was sick looking. His hair was all white and his skin was the palest I’ve ever seen a person have. How could Jenis still be standing? He landed on the ground and looked at all of us. He laughed and started talking. He said that he was happy to see that we were all still in tip top shape to fight. He would hate to fight against people who couldn’t defend themselves.

Cissnei screamed at him. She asked why he was doing this? Jenis looked at her and said because it is what was meant to be done. He said that the prophecy needed to be fulfilled because the one who wins gets to shape the world the way they see fit and that he was tried of seeing this world in its current state. He wants peace and for everyone on the planet to know the truth about what goes on beneath the surface, what goes on under the gyrosphere.

That’s when X-Keller stood up and told him that the people can’t ever see that. That they won’t be able to handle it and that the world has enough evil for them to suffer through that they didn’t need this evil too. Jenis looked at X-Keller said that all of this was his fault to begin with and then shot out a beam of fire at him. X-Keller fell backwards and was knocked out.

Jenis turned back and looked at Rafael and drew his sword and said that it was time to finish this. Rafael drew his sword and extended his wing. Cissnei grabbed his arm and told him not to do it, that he was too strong now. He looked at her and said that he had to do it, that it was his destiny and that Jenis had to be stopped. He kissed her and then walked back towards Jenis, glancing over at me with a look like he was saying that this was his fight and not to interfere. And with that, the battle began. The once best friends have become enemies, now it was friend vs. foe.

All Cissnei and I could do was watch as the battle in the charred wasteland unfolded. Both sides landing strong hits. Cissnei was in tears and this point, watching as Rafael took a lot of damage, however the two us couldn’t just sit around and watch for much longer because all of a sudden a giant machine came charging through, heading straight for the building. I grabbed Cissnei and dove out of the way, and when I adjusted myself I shot a lighting ball at the machine in hopes to short circuit it, which actually worked.

Hollzad jumped out of the machine and looked at me. He said that I had become a meddlesome little brat and that he didn’t care if Jenis still needed me or not, he was going to kill me. I looked at him and said not if I kill you first. Hollzad put on this backpack and hit a button. It released machine guns attached to the backpack and these four glowing orbs that stood at Hollzad’s side.

Meanwhile the battle between Jenis and Rafael was still going strong. Jenis shot out a stream of fire at Rafael. Rafael dodged it and shot out wind at Jenis, pushing him backwards and then charged at him and struck him down towards the ground. Jenis immediately got back up and sent beams of fire out at Rafael. There were too many to dodge and Rafael got hit by about 20 beams of fire, sending him plummeting towards the ground. Rafael was badly hurt, Jenis walked over to him and stabbed him it the shoulder, wanting to make him suffer before he killed him. But thats when a rock came out of nowhere and threw Jenis backwards. In the distance, Siefer was standing there.

When Jenis got up he looked at Siefer and said look who decided to join the party. Siefer went and helped Rafael up and said that he didn’t believe any of this prophecy garbage but he believed that Jenis was evil and needed to be stopped. Then as Hollzad sent his orbs to attack Cissnei and I, Both the wings of light and the wings of dark charged at each other. The battle of the prophecy had begun.

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