Tales of The Protectors: The Game Changer

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 20: The Game Changer

We looked at file, examined it. I still couldn’t figure out everything it explained, except for the one key word, the word that has been haunting me for a very long time now, the weapon. X-Keller said that he needed some time to look at everything and make a plan. He went back to his office to come up with a plan and would call us when everything was planned out and ready to go. Afterwards Rafael went to find Cissnei and Siefer and explain everything. I decided to go down into the training room. It was time I tried to learn how to control whatever this power inside of me was. If Jenis is trying to learn how to control it then I need to beat him to the punch. I also wanted to try and learn that little materializing trick X-Keller was able to do. So went down there and turned on the simulators to situations that enable this power in the first place. I tried a bunch of different simulations and situations but I wasn’t able to activate it at all.

After hours of training and practice I decided to take a break and head down to the forging room. I had come up with an idea. And after a few hours, my idea was done. And then I went to find Rafael to see what happened with finding Cissnei and Siefer. He said that Siefer has locked himself in his room to contemplate everything that he had learned and Cissnei is still pissed at him for hiding all of this from her. He was too distracted and upset to really do anything so I just got some food for us to eat. When we were done both of our phones rang. X-Keller told us to both that all of this would take another day, so he gave us clearance to call it a day. So we went our separate ways. I headed home and noticed that the parts of the house that had been damaged were repaired. Quick, just like X-Keller said.

I decided to head to the woods were X-Keller and I fought all of those clones. I figured there may be some clues there as to stopping Jenis and Hollzad. Although, I still don’t completely trust X-Keller, but as of right now he seems to be on our side, so I’ll keep trusting him for now. When I got to the woods I did some investigating. And at first I found nothing. Just normal woods in a normal neighborhood. Until I found a strange path. I followed it. When I got to the end, I found more nothing, just some logs around a pit. As I walked away I stepped on this one piece of ground that felt different than the rest. I started digging and found a computer and some more papers buried underground. Why would these be here?

I booted up the computer and immediately all of these stats and data came up on screen. All about the N cells and the clones. And according to what was on screen, Jenis was ready to strike but there was nothing of his plans on the computer. I looked at the papers and that showed me everything I needed to know. I don’t know why Jenis would just bury these things here, but right now I had to go warn X-Keller and the others. Jenis was sending his clones to attack the Hero’s Alliance, not just a few, he was sending everything he had. This is a game changer, but not a good one.

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