Tales of The Protectors: Mysteries Unraveled

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 19: Mysteries Unraveled

We all meet in the conference room. X-Keller had information to tell all of us, something he told me would answer my questions. We all waited as X-Keller prepared himself and then he started talking. He told us that he had been doing research into Jenis and Hollzad’s operation. The reason he was gone for so long was because he was doing his recon on were there base was and he managed to sneak in and get some of their files. He pulled some of the information up the screen. He said that there plan was entirely based around the research of two key elements, the cloning research and the X cell sample that Hollzad took from me, which apparently they named N cells.

What they are doing is cloning Jenis and injecting each clone with small dose of the N cells in hopes that increases their strength better than the X cells would and cause the same reaction that my body has at certain points. However, Jenis is the one thats mainly being injected with the N cells. X-Keller looks straight up at all of us and says that he’s trying to make himself “the weapon”. Both Rafael and I look up shocked since we are the only ones in the room that know what he’s talking about. Siefer and Cissnei look at the three of us look at the three of us and ask what the hell X-Keller is talking about. Rafael starts to explain and X-Keller tries to stop him but Rafael turns around and says that it’s time everyone knew the truth, that Siefer knows why he was experimented on.

Once Rafael was done explaining to Siefer and Cissnei about the prophecy, the experiments someone performed on the three of them, the wings, and about me being “the weapon”. After hearing what Rafael said Siefer got so angry he left the room. Cissnei looked at Rafael and walked up to him and slapped him. She left the room crying, probably upset that he had been lying to her. Instead of running after them he stayed in the conference room to hear the rest of what X-Keller had to say.

X-Keller just acted like nothing happened and kept on talking, the entire time I can’t stop thinking that X-Keller is probably responsible for most of this craziness. He said that all of these cells are having an effect on Jenis’ body. He is going through the degrading process. He showed us a recent picture. His hair is turning really white and his skin getting pale. He looks like an old man now. I told X-Keller that he didn’t look like that five days ago. He said that person that talked to me was a clone as well, just a more advanced one. That makes sense, he wouldn’t come himself and risk dying, not until he was ready to use the power.

And if he becomes “the weapon” and is the evil side of the three best friends and using the cloning experiments to make his own army, then he will have the upper hand and win be able to crush the good side of the prophecy. X-Keller said there was a way to stop the cloning from happening, but it requires a special file from deep within the lab in Baronial and that we need to take a trip back there to find it. Thats when I remembered that I took a file from the labs in Banorial. I told this to X-Keller and he told me to go get it. When I came back into the conference room with the file, X-Keller looked at it and a smile came on his face. He looked up and said that this is exactly what we needed. And that this was the first step in stopping Jenis and Hollzad.

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