Tales of The Protectors: Dark

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 17: Dark

Jonathan X-Keller in my house. I never thought this would actually happen. I was shocked and taken aback, I didn’t know what to do, so I pulled out my sword. I asked why he was here, why he is interfering in this other half of my life. With my sword still raised he told me that he had to talk to me in private away from everyone else and felt that this was the most private place away from everyone. Then I said that my grandfather is upstairs and he can hear me down here, if he hears me talking to you and realizes that no one is talking back he’s going to wonder.

X-Keller sort of made a weird face when I mentioned my grandfather, like the face an old friend makes when they hear about a friend they haven’t seen or talked in a long time, but I had no time to worry about that. X-Keller said that we had nothing to worry about, no one would notice, hear, or see this conversation.

Then I asked if this conversation he wanted to have an anything to do with the prophecy and “the weapon”. He looked straight at me with a dead face and said yes. He said that he knew Jenis had got to me and told me his version of the prophecy and X-Keller wanted to clear up what I had heard. He started to explain.

He said that Jenis was right, there was a fourth part to the prophecy and it was indeed “the weapon”.  He explained in greater detail want that was. The person that is the weapon is basically the person that wins the fight for either one of the friends or the two friends. The weapon has a secret power deep within him/her that makes them unbelievably powerful and that power gets released in one of two ways, light aura or dark aura. The new abilities gained by weapon depends on aura that is being produced. And once a side is declared by the weapon, the aura of the opposite side disappears.

After he was done explaining, everything he said supported Jenis’ accusations. He was obsessed with this prophecy. Thats when I got angry. I asked him the questions that has been bothering me for some time now, however the questions started to turn into a yell. I asked if I was the weapon and if thats why he brought me here, if he burned down Jenis, Rafael, and Siefer’s home just to unite them for this prophecy, if he’s just using everyone in the Hero’s Alliance to complete this damn prophecy and for what purpose he wanted to complete this prophecy.

At this point in the yelling my body began to glow again, expect this time it was a purple/black color. It was a dark aura. I was angry and enraged at X-Keller and I wasn’t in control of my body again, so my hand raised up and started rapid firing dark balls of energy, seemingly stronger than the light aura’s ones. X-Keller dodged and jumped directly behind me. I turned around and before my body could react he smacked me across the face and I went flying across the room. My aura disappeared as I landed on the ground.

X-Keller walked over to me and held out a hand to help me up. I hit it away and sat up myself. He said he was sorry but he had to make the dark aura go away someone. All I could think is that X-Keller had to be pretty damn strong if all he had to do was hit me to stop the aura and send me flying.

X-Keller told me not to worry about the damage done to the house, the gyroscope will hide it for now and it will be fixed by the morning. He began to walk away and said to meet in his office tomorrow and all of the questions I had will be answered.

But before he left we both heard a loud noise that was a little in the distance. He got up and ran. We ran to these woods that were close to my neighborhood and when we got there, Jenis copies were everywhere.


Up Next- Tale 18: Materialize

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