Tales of The Protectors: A Hero’s Return

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 16: A Hero’s Return 

It took us four days to get back home. The helicopter we had taken to Banorial had been destroyed and we had lost any way to contact the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. So we had to walk on foot back, which was a pain in itself. Once we reached a shore off of the European coast, I had to find a boat for us to use since no one else could see Rafael because of the gyroscope.  The boat trip took us about a day and half, Rafael using his Wind Elemental to speed the boat up. The rest of that day we walked the rest of the way to headquarters.

When we entered into the building all I saw was Cissnei ran over and grabbed Rafael and hugged him. Then she hit both him and me and told us that she was worried sick up the both of us. Rafael smiled and said that she should know that he wouldn’t go done that easily, then he walked away leaving just Cissnei and I. She turned to me and then hugged me and thanked me for getting Rafael back safely. All I could think is about what happened; Jenis’ speech, Gzjarm, Rafael’s wing and explanation of the experiments. The made me think if he was really safe, if any of us were really safe. Cissnei noticed my mind was elsewhere and asked me what was wrong. I told her it was nothing but that I needed to go see X-Keller right away. So I left her and started heading up the stairs.

When I reach X-Keller’s office, he isn’ t there. I head down to the lab to see if he’s there and he’s not down there either. As I left the lab I ran into Siefer. He held out his hand to shake my hand and welcome me back. Thats when I remembered that Siefer is a part of all of this as well. He has one white wing like Rafael does, but before I could ask him anything about it, he said that he had to go and train down in the training room, so he walked away.

I continued my search for X-Keller but couldn’t find him anywhere at all. That’s when I decided that I should just head home. I haven’t been there for a while and and I was curious to find out how X-Keller handled my disappearance this time. I didn’t even find anyone to say goodbye, I just went back up to the surface and walked back home. When I get to my house no one is home so I walk inside and open the door and I hear “the hero returns” come from my living room.

When I enter the room, I see Jonathan X-Keller himself sitting right there, waiting for me.

Up Next- Tale 17: Dark

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