Tales of The Protectors: The Wings

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 15: The Wings

I opened my eyes. I saw the big world around me. I was back in the abandoned village above Banorial. When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Rafael sitting in next to me, almost expecting me to jump up and attack him. Which was only practically true. I jumped up and grabbed my sword and held it at him. He didn’t move at all.

I asked him why he had a wing and what he was. He still didn’t move a muscle. He said that he was hoping that no one would ever have to see the wing. Then he started to answer my questions. He said that there were experiments done on him, Jenis, and Siefer. And that this was a side effect of the experiments. He said that he wasn’t an angel and he wasn’t dead, just a product of an experiment gone array. I asked him what the experiments were and who conducted them.

He told me that he doesn’t know who conducted the experiments. The man apparently wore a mask every time he conducted the experiments. And he didn’t really understand what the experiments were for. Something about the three of them being connected in some way. Thats when I connected the dots; the prophecy.

I told Rafael about what X-Keller and Jenis had told me about the prophecy. That they were all connected according to that Prophecy. However, the wing thing was never mentioned before. Rafael told me he knew all about the prophecy and that he didn’t believe any of that crap was true.

Thats when I asked when he got the wing. He said that it happened during the last days of the experiments. That day Jenis, Rafael, and Siefer woke up and were allowed outside for the day. When they went outside they were just hanging out, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. Thats when Siefer stood up to stretch out his arm and a wing popped out of his back, one white one. Then Rafael stood up and one white wing popped out of his back. Then Jenis tried and two black ones popped out of his back.

They all rushed back into the experiment area and told the experimenter about the wings. The experimenter told them that it was a side effect the substance that was being injected into them. To this day Rafael doesn’t know what that liquid was or what has happened to him, but he chooses not to dwell on it, instead he chooses to use those questions to drive his fighting.

In my head, I went back to what Jenis had been talking to me about. Could X-Keller really be behind all of this? Could the wings have some sort of significance? And did X-Keller really just need me because I am suppose to be this weapon?

Rafael stood up and said that we should head back. So we stood up and started walking, both with a lot on our mind.

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