Tales of The Protectors: Acts of Valor

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 14: Acts of Valor

I made my way out of Banorial and when I was back on the surface I saw an aura surrounding a specific area of the abandoned village. When I looked around more, I saw Hollzad standing in front of the aura, holding a glowing orb. I drew my sword and ran up to attack Hollzad but Jenis swooped down from the sky and blocked the attack. Jenis’ sword started to flame up and he sent out a beam of fire that pushed me back. Then Hollzad grabbed me and threw me into aura.

When I was able pick myself up and gather my thoughts I saw Rafael sitting in the middle of the rocky platform we were on. Then it started to shake and this giant beast dragon looking thing flew from the opening around the platform. From the looks of Rafael, he’s been fighting this thing for a while now. It swooped down to attack Rafael and I shot three fire balls from the fire Elemental on my hand. Rafael looked at me in shock, not noticing I was there until that moment. Then the monster turned its attention to me. It charged at me with a whole bunch of energy charged up ready to be unleashed at me, and I did something you should never do in that moment; I froze. He kept coming closer and closer and I just couldn’t move. Rafael jumped me from the side and we both fell to the ground, dodging the monsters attack.

I asked Rafael what the hell that thing was. He told me that it was a rare Elemental. One that contains a monster the user can summon to attack their opponents. It’s the first time he’s actually seen one used. Apparently its name was Gzjarm. All of a sudden a beam of energy flew at the both of us and we went flying back. I drew my sword and Rafael got ready to fight. We both examined possible weak points and attacked. Both activating the Elementals in our blades, we charged. Rafael whipped up fierce winds the I jumped into and struck a slash of lighting against Gzjarm, which didn’t seem very effective. Gzjarm then lifted his hand and punched me backwards. Rafael fired off shards of ice at Gzjarm until he was finally pushed backwards. Then Rafael jumped and sent an air slash right where I hit him with the lighting. From behind all of this, I got up and fired off a couple of fireballs. An explosion happened and both Gzjarm and Rafael flew in opposite directions. Gzjarm bolted up and sent little balls of energy straight at us. There power was too much for us. They hit us both and packed a big punch. Then Gzjarm quickly came close to us and grabbed me, attempting to use his energy powers to kill me a close range.

Rafael stood up and sliced right through Gzjarm’s hand. Both myself and Gzjarms hand fell to the ground. Rafael risked his safety to save me, but I had noticed something different about him at the moment. Like there was something familiar coming out of his back. That’s when Gzjarm’s other hand came up quick and punched Rafael hard. Rafael flew off of the platform. There was no way he was alive after that. He sacrificed himself to save me. A true act of valor. So now it was just me and this bastard of a monster that killed my best friend. I was enraged and too angry to control myself.

That’s when it happened again. My senses heightened, my powers became stronger, my entire body began to glow gold this time. I stood up, my body not in my control anymore and moved faster than ever before. I picked up Rafael’s sword and my own. I was able to activate both Elementals on both of the blades. I jumped above Gzjarm and threw the lighting sword down at him and it landed in his head. When I landed on the ground I ran up to him and with Rafael’s sword stabbed him straight through the middle of his body. Then after that I faced him and held up both hands. Charging up the energy in my body, I released a giant beam of light and energy at Gzjarm. He was gone and my body returned to normal. I fell to my knees feeling very weak and tired, and also mourning the death of best friend who’s act of valor saved my life, but cost him his.

I heard a noise that cause me to look up, and there he was. Rafael was standing in front of me with a white wing coming out of his back, just like Jenis had before. All of a sudden I went from thinking my best friend was a great and noble person to having many questions about what he actually was. But before I could say anything, the platform started to shake and everything went white.

Up Next- Tale 15: The Wings

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