Tales of The Protectors: Mistakes

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 13: Mistakes

There he was, Jenis. We were standing face to face. I drew my sword and so did he. However he threw his sword on the ground. He told me that he just want to talk and that if it made me more comfortable that I could keep the sword out. I really just wanted to take the advantage I had and jab this sword straight through his heart, but something told me that I had to hear what he had to say. I dropped my sword and told him to start talking. He asked me what drove me to join the Hero’s Alliance, why I was standing in this spot right now. I told him it was none of his damn business. He smirked and told me he already knew the answers to those questions.

Then asked if I knew about the prophecy. The one about the three best friends. My eyes widened when he mentioned that and my mind flashed to X-Keller telling me that prophecy. He said that there was another part to this prophecy, that no one else knew the true ending. In it stood the three best friends, but there is a fourth person involved. This person was the trump card in the world. This person was said to be a weapon that could be used to for the side of the two friends (world protection) or the third friend (world destruction). Jenis then went on and told me that Himself, Rafael, and Siefer are the three best friends and that the fourth person, the weapon, was me.

Me? I looked at him and asked how he knew that. He told me based on the cells and what happened when the X-cells were injected. And also the power that I gain when I lose control of my body. As crazy as all of this sounded, it also did make a lot of sense. If all of this was turn, then that would mean that that prophecy is true.

Jenis continued. X-Keller became obsessed with this prophecy, he believed that it had to be fulfilled. Jenis believes that X-Keller was the one that had Hertoue burned down, in order to start his plan. To get Rafael, Jenis, and Siefer together. Then he just needed the one piece of the puzzle, me. Thats when I lifted my sword again. I could believe the prophecy, I could believe that it was related to Jenis, Siefer, and Rafael. Hell, I could possibly believe that I was this so called weapon, but I refused to believe that X-Keller was behind everything, especially coming from the name that betrayed us all, betrayed his two best friends for some stupid reason.

He just smirked and said that if I didn’t believe him than I should look at the file I had on me. Then he turned around and I got angry and went to attack him from behind but something stopped me from hitting him. It was like a force field or shield of some sort. I fell backwards, my sword flew out of my hands and landed behind me. When I looked back up at Jenis, I heard him say that there was something else that the experiments had done to him. He raised both of his arms and wings came out of his back. Black angel wings. He flew away. I looked at the sky, dumbfounded. What just happened? Jenis… Rafael… Siefer… Me… X-Keller… Was all of this, everything thats happened and happening, because of X-Keller? Was this his mistake? Were we all just mistakes? As my mind wondered, I heard another boom. I snapped back into reality, and started running.

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