Tales of The Protectors: Banorial

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 12: Banorial

Jenis… All three… were Jenis. Rafael and I were stunned by the fact that we say three Jenis laying dead on the ground in front of us. An exact copy, except for the fact that the hair color and body tones had been a little faded. It had to have been five minutes before one of us said something. Rafael mumbled to himself something along the lines of what the hell was Jenis doing. Then he turned to me and said that we had to investigate further. Normally, we are required to go back to X-Keller when we make a new discovery like this, but I think both Rafael and I know that this is too important to walk away from now. So we decided to head to the most obvious place, the hole that leads underground. We walked over to it and jumped down.

We both landed on our feet as we landed on the rocky surface beneath us. We looked around and didn’t see anything special, just an ordinary looking cave. That was until we walked into the next area of the cave. The cave as all lit up inside, and in the center of this whole wide area there was a giant statue surrounded by a pool of water that was also illuminated by the lights. I was mesmerized by everything in this cave and was frozen just starring at everything until Rafael shook me free and told me that there was another passageway. So we walked down it and found something shocking, the seemingly running theme of the day. Tubes everywhere. It was a lab, but not just any lab, a cloning lab!

It all made sense. Those things we fought outside, they were clones of Jenis. All of a sudden a hear a voice. It says welcome to Banorial. I turn around and see Hollzad standing there. He says that if we are looking for Jenis then we are out of luck because he isn’t here. Apparently Hollzad just came here to pick up a few supplies for his experiments, which smirks and says which he assumes we’ve encountered already. Rafael screams asking where Jenis is as I walk towards Hollzad holding my sword up towards him. He laughs and says that we will not find him, but they will come find us when the time is right.

I asked him what he was using Banorial for. He looked at me and told me that he wasn’t using Banorial at all, at least not yet anyway. He said the it was used once by the Hero’s Alliance themselves to run their first trials of the X-cells, and it was the sight of one of X-Keller’s biggest mistakes. Rafael seemed unfazed by Hollzad’s face but I was stunned. X-Keller’s biggest mistake? What happened here? And does Rafael know? Sensing my hesitation, Hollzad jumped backwards and towards the caves entrance and started to run. Rafael ran after him. I started to run and stopped in my tracks.

I saw some research documents and a dusty looking flash drive sitting on a desk. I grabbed what I could. I wanted to find out what X-Keller was hiding. I put my trust in this person and something seemed very fishy all of a sudden. Then I heard a big boom come from outside. I snapped back into reality and ran back towards the path outside. Thats when five more of those Jenis clones came after me. I drew my sword and got ready to fight the clones, but then all of a sudden they stood down. I saw a figure appear out of the shadows. It was Jenis.

Up Next- Tale 13: Mistakes

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