Tales of The Protectors: Hidden Beneath the Surface

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 11: Hidden Beneath the Surface

Sword clashes sword. Strength against strength. It was an intense fight, that is for a training fight. Siefer and I were in the training room. He’s been helping me learn the power of the Elementals. Rafael has been busy with Cissnei, who has finally awoken. He’s been helping her adjust back to our way of life after being in her coma for so long. But Siefer had been a good teacher. I’ve learned how to use all the different types of the basic Elementals. And my lighting blade is still going strong. But the waiting and training had to stop at some point. Action needed to be taken for what Jenis and Hollzad had done. I just couldn’t sit around and wait anymore.

After Siefer and I had finished our training I went do to our medical area to check on Cissnei and Rafael. I asked how Cissnei was doing. She said that she was doing great and ready to fight again. Rafael shot her a look as if to say no way in hell will she be fighting anytime soon. It would appear to me that the two of them were finally together. X-Keller called my phone and asked me to meet him in the office, and he asked me to grab Rafael as well. We head up there and are greeted by Siefer and Myra. She’s been on leave ever since she got hurt during my first mission. He told us that he might have finally tracked down an area were Jenis and Hollzad have been doing some experiments. I saw Rafael jump, more interested in what X-Keller had to say now. X-Keller told us that Rafael and I were to go on this mission alone, while Siefer and Myra stayed here with Cissnei to help monitor the area and get ready to defend headquarters if that time comes.

So everyone else went to there posts and Rafael and I stayed to listen to what X-Keller knew. He told us that the last known activity he was able to monitor came from a secret area he have under the European continent. He called the area Banorial. The Alliance use to use that area for training and some research, but when this headquarters was built, they began to use it for other classified reasons that he couldn’t disclose to us. He was sending us to the area around Banorial, which is named Geomern, another secret town hidden by the gyroscope.

So Rafael and I went to our weapons lockers and prepared ourselves for our mission. Then we headed towards the helipad and boarded our helicopter. X-Keller told me that he had my absence from the other world I live in taken care of because apparently this trip takes a couple days. When we finally arrived the town was just like Hertoue, abandoned. We started walking along the path in front of us, talking to pass the time until we found whatever X-Keller thought he would find here. I asked why he came along because I didn’t think he would leave Cissnei any time soon. He told that if he hadn’t agreed to come X-Keller would have sent me by myself, and he wasn’t going to let anyone else get hurt by Jenis or Hollzad.

I managed somehow get him to start laughing and he ended talking about other things. He asked me about my life back at home, away from all of this. I told him it was nothing special, that in that world I’m not really noticed much and don’t have any friends. I told him that was the reason that I joined the Hero’s Alliance, to feel like a somebody and maybe make friends. He told me that we were friends and that he would help me out in anyway that he could.

That’s when monsters jumped out of the ground. We didn’t realize that about 5 feet away from us, there was a hole that lead underground. The monsters charged at us and Rafael jumped and activated his wind Elemental and blew one of them away. I used my lighting sword to strike down two of them, lighting pulsing through them as stabbed them.

When they were all neutralized, Rafael and I walked over to them to more closely examine them. They were wearing helmets. We removed the helmets and were surprised at what we saw. Actually, surprised is probably an understatement.


Up Next- Tale 12: Banorial

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