Tales of The Protectors: The Promotion

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 10: The Promotion

X-Keller told me to take a week off to recuperate and heal. I went to school and acted like a normal kid again. But once the week us over, it was back to the life I had chosen. It’s been about 6 months now since I joined the Hero’s Alliance. And ever since I did things have just gotten more and more complicated. I was injected with cells that boost my senses and help regulate strength which ended up morphing with my own cells, which causes my senses to get super strong and causes my hands and sword (even though right now I don’t have one right now) to glow. And just recently we had Hollzad and Jenis’ betrayal, so we have a new enemy on top of anything. Not to mention X-Keller’s crazy prophecy notions. Whatever has happen, all I know is that I’m going fight the battles I need to fight and protect this world.

I entered the medic area to check on Cissnei and Rafael. I asked him how she was. He told me that the doctor said she would probably be awake today and that he was going to be there when she does. I could tell he wasn’t much in the mood for talking so I left the room and walked to the weapons lockers to see if I could get a new weapon. But I ran into Siefer. He asked me how I was. I said I was doing alright and asked him the same question. He told me that he was pissed of and wanted to go after Jenis and knock sense back into him. He said that Rafael was taking it harder and that Rafael and Jenis were closer than he and Jenis were. He left by telling me that X-Keller needed to see me and that it seemed pretty important. So I got up and made my way his office.

When I got up to X-Keller’s office, I saw folded up clothes and some strange materials on the table. When he noticed me, he looked at me and told me that I had been promoted to a Rank 2 fighter. The clothes are a Rank 2 uniform and the materials were forging materials so that I could make my own sword. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t do anything to deserve it. He told me he was impressed by my ability to stand up to that metarhino thing and my bravery in defending Cissnei as best as I could. When I told him the rhino wasn’t really me, that the things inside me took over. He told me that it was still me, just a part of me that I haven’t learned to control yet. He also told me about something else Rank 2 members get.

He called them Elementals. They are these little tiny bricks that you can forge into different blades, each containing a different element (fire, ice, wind, earth, lighting). Along with the Elemental, he gave me a kind of bracelet to place an Elemental brick into and it generates the element into an attack. As Rank 2, I only get the very basic elements; one brick of each. With all of that, I thanked X-Keller and went to forge my sword.

I took the elevator down to the lowest level of the building. It was in here that I found all of the equipment necessary to forge my sword. So I began. It took me about four hours, but it was worth every second. I decided to forge a blade with the lighting element and I made the blade itself black with a darker blue handle. You could see the electrical shocks jump off and through the blade. I put on the the bracelet device and placed the Fire Elemental brick inside of it. There are still so many unanswered questions, but now I am stronger. And it was at this moment that I made my decision. I am going to learn to control the power living inside of me. And with it, I will stomp any plan that Jenis and Hollzad have. And I will triumph.

Up Next- Tale 11: Hidden Beneath the Surface

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