Tales of The Protectors: The Traitor

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 8: The Traitor

I turned in the direction of the voice. Hollzad showed up at the top of the hill. He had a stupid smirk on his face, like everything that just happened was what he wanted to happen. He jumped down and stood right in front of me. He said to me that that was an impressive use of the power that was growing within me. At this point Cissnei came running from the bushes. She yelled at him asking if he was responsible for the giant metal rhino that just attack us. Holzad didn’t even try to deny it. He told us that he needed to test out his hypothesis, that this was all the first phase of a bigger experiment. Thats when he pulled a gun on Cissnei.

We both stood there, confused and angry about Hollzad’s clear betrayal. He said that only had to live, and that Cissnei was just a loose end, someone that knew too much and had to die. She was froze, so I went to knock the gun out of his hand but he used his other hand and grabbed the sword and snapped it. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. He lifted up his leg and kicked me away, then turned back towards Cissnei. She was finally unfrozen and started fighting back. But she wasn’t even a match, especially after all the damage taken during the battle with the metarhino. We were both just to drained to handle another fight. Thats when the sound of a helicopter came in strong.

Three people jumped out of the chopper. Rafael, Jenis, and Siefer were standing in front of us. Rafael jumped in between Hollzad and Cissnei and made Hollzad jump backwards. Siefer jumped behind him to surround him. Hollzad just sat there and smirked. How could he be so confident? He’s completely surrounded. Thats when a sword pierced through Cissnei’s shoulder. The sword came from Jenis. Rafael immediately turned around and said what the hell are you doing. Jenis said that he was doing what the age of progress called for; that changes had to be made and he was going to make them. Thats when Rafael lunged at Jenis. Jenis blocked the attack and his sword sparked up into a flame, his entire blade engulfed in flames. I was in shock at what was happening, but Rafael and Siefer seemed perfectly calm. Well, Rafael was beyond angry and pissed off. Thats when Rafael lifted up his sword and it became engulfed in wind. Rafael and Jenis charged, thats when Siefer entered the mix, slicing at Jenis’ side. I went to go help them was well, but a bullet pierced through my leg, than another through each of my arms.

Hollzad was standing there with smoke coming from his gun. I fell to the ground, bleeding out and about to loss consciousness. Before I lost it, I heard Jenis yell to Hollzad. He said that they needed me and not to be so stupid. Thats when everything went black. The battle seemed to be over, at least for me. Two traitors had revealed themselves. The stakes have just gotten higher, and things would never be the same. Not for anyone.


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