Tales of The Protectors: The Three Best Friends

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 9: The Three Best Friends

Blackness…. Darkness… Was this death? Is this were I fade away? That is when my eyes opened and I saw the light of the medical area in the Hero’s Alliance headquarters. I wasn’t sure how I got here or what was happening exactly. The last thing I remember was getting shot three times by Hollzad while Rafael, Siefer, and Jenis were fighting. And the phrase that Jenis said as I blacked out. “We need him”. Need me for what? Why me at all? As I sat up, X-Keller came into the room. He asked how I was doing. Then I asked what happened. He told me everything.

Apparently I’ve been out for about a week now. After I was shot, Siefer went after Hollzad and got the gun away from him, apparently by chopping his hand off. Rafael and Jenis kept going all out in battle. One of our helicopter appeared s few minutes later and Jenis and Hollzad stopped fighting and ran towards the woods. The helicopter picked Cissnei and I up and Rafael and Siefer followed. That ishow we got here. He told me that Cissnei was doing well as well, she still hadn’t woken up though. Rafael was sitting in the room with her, apparently he hadn’t left the room since we all got back. I could tell the there was something else X-Keller wanted to tell me, something that I was hoping would answer all my questions about what is going on, but knowing Jonathan X-Keller, that wasn’t going to be the case at all.

He looked at me and told me that he wanted to tell me a story about three best friends. He started off by telling me that all three of them had lived in the same town and been best friends for years. They played together as children, went to school together. They were inseparable, until the accident happened that destroyed their town. The three had gone their own way after that, thinking that each of the other person was dead. They remained separated for a long time. Until one day they all were given jobs, employed by the same company and found each other again. For a long time they worked together, got to know each other again, and became best friends again. Until the day come when one of them decided he needed to go on a different root, a new path forged only by him. So he turned his back on his friends, and from then on there was nothing but bitter fighting and chaos, until an end was reached. The third best friend was killed, and that ended the fighting, the chaos. It was all back to normal.

I just had a confused look on my face and then he has one last sentence.He said the names of these three are Rafael, Siefer, and Jenis. They all lived in Hertoue until it was burned down by Gylph’s clone monsters. When that happened they must have all split from each and went on their own paths. Then they all reconnected here and became close again, until a week ago when Jenis turned on all of us. But the rest of that hasn’t happened, not at all. There has been no time for it all to happen. Thats when he told me that that tale is actually an old time prophecy from the ancient times that basically says that one day all of this will happen the one who turns the other way will have to be stopped. He told me that nobody knows about this. The whole thing could still be all just events with similar features. I could tell by the look on X-Keller’s face that he believed differently, that he believed in the prophecy. Then I asked him the all important question, why tell me this instead of Rafael and Siefer? He told me that in time, the answer to my own question would be clear. As he walked out of the room he told me not worry about not being home in a week, he had that covered and see him in his office tomorrow morning.

I laid on the bed, just thinking. And as I predicted my talk with X-Keller lead to more questions than answers.

Up Next- Tale 10: The Promotion

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