Tales of The Protectors: Let the Battle Begin

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 7: Let the Battle Begin

We both sprang into action. Neither of us know what it is or where it came from. All we know is that it attacked us, so we have to fight it. We made our way up the hill and Cissnei immediately headed to the trees. She started throwing ninja stars, but they were having no effective. I charged in with a strike but the thing blocked me and sent me flying. It charged at the trees and knocked Cissnei straight out of the trees. Cissnei yelled to me that we had to undercover the weak spot in the rhino’s metal shell. So we quickly came up with a strategy. Cissnei sprung right back up and headed for the trees. I got back up and stood there and waited for the metarhino to see me. Once it did, it began to charge, and charge fast. Thats when I saw it, the weak point. There was a tiny opening right in between the things eyes. I immediately yelled to Cissnei where to aim. She threw her stars and landed a direct hit, then I jumped up and slammed my sword straight where Cissnei just hit. The metarhino collapsed to the ground, in defeat. Cissnei and I collected ourselves and walked over to the monster.

We examined its body and found something very expected. There was a piece of the metal with a Hero’s Alliance logo on it. As soon as we saw it, thats when it happened. The metarhino came back online and flung Cissnei across the woods. I didn’t have time to try and find her. Now it was just me and the monster. My first real solo battle. With its weak spot more exposed and it being a little weaker I felt a bit more confident about my chances of winning. The metarhino charged, I sidestep and hit its weak spot in the process. Then it unexpectedly turns right back around and hits me from behind. I get back up and prepare to block its next charge. I realize that I can’t just keep blocking and dodging, I need to get the monster to fall. Thats when I notice a rock wall that makes up one of the hillside. I position myself in front of it and antagonize it to charge. It charges and at the last second I ran up the rock wall. As it slams into the wall, jump on its back and start hacking away at the horn until eventually in comes off. Then I hack at the weak point, until it shakes me off. With the horn gone, at least it had no more weapons. Thats when the metarhino’s back opens up and a machine pops up out of it, and starts firing. I ran towards an area of cover. As I sit there ducking in cover I just keep thinking that there’s nothing I can do that I haven’t already tried. This is how it ends. That’s when I feel it. My heart begins beating faster, my senses increase, the cells start reacting. My sword begins to glow a golden light, brighter than the last time. And this time, my other hand began to glow as well. I didn’t know what was happening, but once again I wasn’t in control and the metarhino has switched out his machine gun for a ray gun.

The metarhino charged up and fired. My body immediately jumped out of the way. It was at this point that I heard Cissnei appear through the bushes, and I saw the shocked look on her face. While in the air, my body lifted up my left hand and fired little shots of light at the metarhino, landing direct and powerful hits. When I landed on the ground, my body charged the monster, glowing sword in hand, and sliced straight through the armor. The metarhino exploded. The monster was gone. My body stopped glowing and I was back in control. Feeling very weak I fell to my knees. Before Cissnei could reach me, I heard a familiar voice and immediately turned around to find a very unsettling sight.


Up Next- Tale 8: The Traitor

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