Tales of The Protectors: New Kind of Monster

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 6: New Kind of Monster

I couldn’t believe the things I had just read. I thought that Gylph’s first experiments were bad, but this, this just tops the tip of the iceberg. The next day I went straight to X-Keller with the file. I told him that he had to read what was in it. But instead he told me to head down to the lab, Holzad had some news to share with me. X-Keller agreed to read the file while I was away. So I headed to the lab to meet Holzad. He told me that he knew what happened during my last mission. He knew about my hand and sword glowing and the super senses that came with it. He finally figured out what is happening. The X-Cells are creating new cells entirely when they enter my system inside of just replacing the old cells. And the reaction of these new cells is enhanced strength, and apparent it can give a person powers that a normal human, even a human injected with the X cells, could never obtain. Holzad is calling them N cells. That’s when he asked to inject more of the X cells in me. That I needed to learn to control this power growing within me and the only way to do that was with more cells. I agreed to the experiment. Before I knew it, I had become a lab rat.

Holzad injected me with a double dose of the X cells and extracted a portion of the already created N cells. When all my senses returned I saw Jenis standing there with Holzad, this time however Jenis started talking to me. He asked how I was doing and how it felt to have this power in me. I told him that it didn’t really have a feeling, almost like it made me numb and that I wasn’t really in control of my body anymore. He smirked and then told me that I was a whole new kind of monster and then turned back to Holzad. After a few minutes the lab phone rang. Holzad hung it up and told me that X-Keller wanted to see me. So I ran back up to his office and Siefer and Rafael were in the office with him. He asked me if during my last mission I saw any monsters that seemed different than the rest. I told him about the weird monsters I saw, the ones that looked like people but were starting to turn pure white and acted almost like zombies. The look of discovery came on X-Keller’s face.

Clones, that’s what that file was all about. And X-Keller believes that those monsters Rafael and I fought in Hertoue were clone experiments done by Gylph. He believes that those same clones are the ones that burned and destroyed the village. Rafael’s face immediately turned angry. I could tell he wanted his revenge, but on who? Gylph is dead so there’s no way any more clones could be created. And I said that to X-Keller. Siefer turned to me and said that Gylph wasn’t the one who created the clones, he was just the one that monitored there growth progress and there “conditions”. Conditions? What conditions? Does he mean the reason they are turning pure white? He then turned to Rafael and Siefer and told them to go get Jenis and told me to go get Cissnei. So we went to get our respective peers and headed back to his office. He told us that he had two separate missions for us. Cissnei and I had to head the woods near Hertoue and see if anymore of those clones were there. He wanted us to capture one of them and bring it back to the lab. As for Jenis, Rafael, and Siefer, they were told to head to a location where X-Keller believed might have been the main base of operation for the experiments that were being done. He wanted any data or research that they found to return straight to headquarters. However, I think we was more hoping to find the one truly behind the experiments.

We all ran to our weapons lockers. The trio took the helicopter and Cissnei and I jumped into one of the cars. During the car ride I couldn’t stop thinking about Jenis comment, a new kind of monster. I asked Cissnei about it, what she thought he meant. And it got a reaction I didn’t expect. She freaked out, going on a tangent about were does he get off calling me a monster after what he had done. Huh? What had Jenis done that would make her this upset? Before I could ask anything, we were struck by something. The car flipped down a hill, and then slammed at the bottom. As we got out of the wreckage all we could do was stare in shock. A giant metal machine that looked like a rhino was standing on the hill above us. There was only one thing I could think at that moment: Now that is definitely a new kind of monster.


Up Next- Tale 7: Let the Battle Begin

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