Tales of The Protectors: The Research

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 5: The Research

Three weeks… Three very long weeks. Thats how long its been since Holzad took a sample of those cells from me. Since we all found out that something weird is happening inside of me. And after all this time has past, I still haven’t heard anything about it. I’ve been back in the lab a few times, having all kinds of scans and injections, but still nothing at all. Holzad is keeping whatever he’s finding to himself, and he keeps talking to Jenis for some reason. Cissnei, Rafael and I have been doing a lot of training, helping me get my mind of off things. It was the first time I really got to see Cissnei’s battle style and weapon. She uses a standard issue Hero Alliance sword, with an extra trick. She is very skilled with ninja stars, and seeing what she can do with those I’m very glad she’s on our side. X-Keller’s also sent me on a few missions. Nothing huge, just a few monster extermination missions. He usually passes the big missions onto Rafael, Siefer, and Jenis. However, I’ve gotten a lot better with my fighting. I’m not sure whether its the training or the weird cell issue, but I feel stronger and smarter in the field.

I got a call from X-Keller early that morning, he told me that it was urgent and he needed to see me right away. So after I was dropped off at school, I ran the other way towards the underground building. When I got all the way to the office, Rafael and X-Keller were standing in the office. X-Keller said that after looking in depth into Gylph’s research he found some disturbing things. Apparently he had other types of experiments going on as well. Of course, I couldn’t know the full details, just that they discovered a lab in some town that I’ve never heard of before. X-Keller called it Hertoue. It’s an abandoned town apparently, hidden under the gyroscope. I still can’t believe the power of that thing. So he told both Rafael and I to prepare ourselves and that a helicopter will be ready in about an hour.

Rafael and I went to our weapon lockers and got our weapons. Something seemed to be off with Rafael, like this was a life or death mission. When I asked if he was okay, he said he was fine and walked away. Obviously he was lying but I let it go. We walked up to the helicopter and took off. It took a few hours, but we finally got to Hertoue. When we got off the helicopter, we were on a cliff overlooking the town. It really was abandoned. Run down houses, destroyed street lamps and signs, not one person in sight. But there were monsters. So we fought our way down the cliff, Rafael seeming ten times more focused than usual. When we managed to make our way to the town I stopped. I told Rafael that we should take some time and explore the town. He immediately and sternly said no, and continued to walk towards the abandoned lab.

When we enter the lab we see nothing. That is until we start to explore. We ended up finding a secret room hidden behind a moveable wall. In this room, we found a lot more research paper, and two giant tubes filled with some weird type of liquid. While Rafael examined the tubes I took the opportunity to read some of the papers before they became “highly classified”. And what I read was really intense. It talked about some of his monster transformations experiments and how the cells in the subjects were morphed and changed into the creatures. However, I eventually got to something that was completely different than the rest, but before I could read it, we heard a loud bang outside.

I quickly stuffed the page in my pocket and ran outside. Rafael sprinted passed me and back towards the town. Before I could do the same these three monsters came out of nowhere and jumped me. I was able to block their attacks, but these enemies seemed stronger than the rest. When I looked closely at them, they weren’t like the monsters at all, instead they were people! They looked like normal people, but there bodies were turning white, like snow white. I had no choice but to fight. Slash after slash, strike after strike. I couldn’t land any really good hits. They were stronger than the other monsters. And thats when it happened, again. My body began to tingle and my senses and reflexes heightened. I jumped up in the air and dive-bombed one of them, stabbed right through the head. It was then that my hand began to glow, as did the sword. I struck and a beam of light came from the sword, slicing one of the monsters right in half. Then as the last one ran up to me, I punched him and he just evaporated.

I stood up and ran towards town to find Rafael. When I found him he was sitting in one of the houses. He had some goo and blood on him, he must have had some fights as well. I noticed he was holding something, it looked like a necklace. Once he noticed I was there, he stood up and started talking. He told me that Hertoue was his hometown and that the house we were standing in was his old house. One day a huge fire broke out killed everyone in town, including his family. The necklace in his hand was his mothers. Rafael said that once the village burned he fled and lived in the woods until the age of 14, and thats when he joined the Hero’s Alliance (he’s been a member of it for 6 years now). He was meant to believe that the fire was an accident, but he believed that it was done on purpose, that the village and his parents were murdered. That’s the main reason he joined, to find who did this and end them, especially now that he has the skill to.

Nobody knew any of this but me. That was when I knew that I had truly made my first real friend. After he finished talking about this, we called for the helicopter. After a couple minutes, it come down into town and we returned to headquarters. When we got back, I told Rafael to go get some rest, and hinted for him to go talk to Cissnei. And I went home. Reflecting on what had happened today. What were those monsters? Where did all of that power within me come from? And thats when I remembered that I had stolen one of Gylph’s research folders. I grabbed the folder and opened it. I began to read it and I couldn’t believe what the research was on.

Up Next- Tale 6: New Kinds of Monsters

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