Tales of The Protectors: The Cells

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 4: The Cells

A wounded warrior and a confused child walked into the office of their boss. In the hours after the battle had ended, a helicopter came and picked up all of and we returned to headquarters. And yes, much to my surprise, the helicopter was hidden from the rest of the world as well. We turned over all the paperwork and other samples we found in the lab to our research team. Afterwards we went to the medical wing to get ourselves checked out. Rafael (with a sling on his arm), Cissnei, and I were all released, as well as Jenis. But Siefer and Myra had to stay overnight. Then we all went our separate ways. Rafael and Cissnei live in the building, apparently above the headquarters is a bunch of rooms where all the members, except for myself, live.  Now we get to the part about the wounded warrior and the confused child. Rafael and I walked into X-Keller’s office to brief him on the situation. We told him about the guards, what happened to Siefer, Jenis, and Myra, and what had happened to me.

When Rafael told him all of this, he didn’t seem all the surprised. As a matter of fact, he just said good job to the both of us and that we would have new mission assignments in about a day or two. When we left the office, all I could think about is why wasn’t X-Keller more surprised? Did he know what it was? I thought it might have been a reaction of the cells, but based on what I was told about them, this wasn’t a normal reaction. While deep in thought Rafael grabs me and tells me to follow him. He takes me down to Dr. Holzad. When we enter the lab, Jenis is there talking with Dr. Holzad. As we walk closer to them they stop talking immediately. Jenis turns away from Holzad and walks out of the room. The entire time he has this weird smirk on his face. When I turn around I see Rafael is already conversing with Holzad. So I shrug the whole Jenis thing off and head towards them.

Rafael brought me to Holzad to talk about what had happened to me on that mission. Once we explained the circumstances of what had happened, Holzad decided he wanted to take a look at how the X cells reacted to my body. So I was strapped back onto the table and projected on a screen was my cells, and something didn’t look right to any of us. He explained to us that the cells are suppose to destroy some of our already existing cells and replace them, however in my body, the cells were morphing with my original cells, creating a whole new cell entirely. Holzad seemed astonished by what he was seeing, although I wasn’t able to tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Holzad ran off right away to tell X-Keller of what he had discovered. Rafael unstrapped me from the table. And we just sat there, staring at the screen. What is this? What has happened to me? What are these cells?

X-Keller and Holzad arrived quickly, Jenis was with them too. They looked at the screen, Jenis had that same dumb smirk he had on the last time, and X-Keller had no expression of any kind, as usual. However, there was something that X-Keller did that did seem out of character for him, he took Holzad aside and had a private conference, I’ve never seen him do that without Jenis, Rafael, or Siefer. When they finished, Holzad told me that he had to take a sample of my blood. I’m guessing he wanted to run some tests on it. We all exited the room, however Jenis stayed behind with Holzad, but I was too confused and exhausted to worry about that. We met Cissnei in the lobby, but inside of getting dinner with them, I decided to just head back home. All the way back home I could’t help thinking about what I just say. Is whats happening to me a blessing, or is it going to end me.

Up Next-Tale 5: The Research

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