Tales of The Protectors: The Start of it All, Part 3

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 3: The Start of it All, Part 3

We were split into teams of three. Jenis, Siefer, and Myra were one team and Rafael, Cissnei, and I were the other team. The man we were after was named Gylph Tragna, a scientist who’s speciality is in transformation experiments, however it was what he was transforming his subjects into that was what the Alliance was concerned with. Apparently he was turning his subjects into monsters, genetically altering there bodies into mutates. That’s why X-Keller sent us there, to shut this stuff down. However, one question was still on my mind, why did X-Keller really want me to come with them? Granted I wanted to come with them and learn, but Rafael did have a point when he said I was still a rookie, a mere Rank 3 among all these Rank 1 and 2 fighters, so why me? Am I really that special? Rafael must have sensed my thoughts and took me aside to take a short break. He told me that he was wrong to try to make me stay behind. He said that he believes in me and that I just have to stay focused and fight. With those words we stood up and continued moving forward. The entire time we talked, told some jokes, got to know each other better. However, that all came to a stop when we got to a compound in the middle of virtually nowhere. Rafael called Siefer on his phone and confirmed the plan. Siefer’s team was going to do some recon of the building and when they gave us the all clear we were going to charge into the building and search around Tragna’s lab. So we waited for the go ahead, we waited, and waited, and waited.

After a while of not hearing anything, Rafael decided to go ahead and see what was going on. So he went ahead, and a few minutes later Cissnei’s phone rings. When she hung up the phone, she told me that we had to go meet Rafael by the compound entrance. When we got there we saw Myra and Siefer both sitting up, hurt. When Rafael asked what happened Siefer said he wasn’t completely sure of what had happened. He believes that he was jumped and that Jenis was captured by then and that the building is probably filled with guards. So Rafael told Cissnei to wait here with Siefer and Myra and him and I slowly entered the compound. To our surprise, there was only four guards in the whole compound. That struck me right away. How were Siefer and Myra knocked out and Jenis taken if there are only four guards here? Something seemed weird about this whole thing, but I didn’t have anymore time to think because we were spotted. Four people charging us at once, we drew our weapons and began to fight back.

It was the first time I had ever seen Rafael’s weapon. It was different than the standard weapons. His sword was a lot wider and longer than the normal swords. It was stronger than anything I’ve seen. During this thinking, one of the guards came from no where and tried to pierce me through the heart, however, Rafael beat him to the punch. Coming out of thin air, Rafael stabbed the guard straight through the chest. After the guard fell to the guard, I stood up and went after another guard. Slashes and blocks back and forth until I sensed an opening, something I’ve never been able to do before, and took it. The man fell dead. Rafael come to me afterwards and informed me that three were dead and one had fled. So we made our way to the find Gylph.

As we explored the compound we eventually came to a room that looked a lot like an experimental laboratory. We entered the room, swords at the ready. In the corner of the room we found Jenis tied up. Rafael told me to search the lab for details and findings of Gylph’s research and he would untie Jenis, but as soon as Rafael finished talking, the door slammed shut and somehow Rafael was thrown to the ground, unable to move. Gylph came from the shadows and revealed a needle in his hand. He looked at me and told me that he would be out for a while and that it was between me and him now. So I charged me, thinking he had no way to defend himself. But as I got closer he drew a sword of his own and blocked the attack, and was able to strike me at a weak point. I fell backwards and was hurt pretty badly. Gylph was closing in on me. And thats when I felt something. Something was happening inside of me. I felt my strength rising, I thought this was because of X-cells, but by the looking on Rafael and Jenis’ face I could tell this wasn’t normal. But I couldn’t stop it. I stood and took a fighting position. Gylph charged at me, but I had become way to fast for him. I dodged immediately and came behind him and swept his legs from under him with my sword and he fell. When he got back up he, he charged again but I knocked the sword away from him and stabbed him. He fell to the ground. His lifeless body in front of me. Rafael and Jenis’s shocked faces behind me.

I don’t understand anything that has happened today. How Siefer and Myra were hurt, how Jenis was captured, what Gylph was doing here, what we was doing to Jenis or what he did to Rafael. But most importantly, I don’t understand what just happened to me. All I know, is that this, all of this that has just happened is the start of it all.


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