Tales of The Protectors: The Start of it All, Part 2

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 2: The Start of it All, Part 2

I woke up in a daze, confused on where I was or what had happened to me. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of laboratory, and over in the corner was a man in a lab coat. When I looked down at my body, I noticed an injection wound on my arm. The cells, they are inside of me now. An experiment, the research aspect to the Hero’s Alliance. They call them the X project, and the cells are called the X cells. They are used to enhance the strength within you; I was told that I needed this extra power in order to fight the evil that exists out there. When I regained complete conciseness the man in the lab coat began to talk to me. He introduced himself as Dr. Holzad, lead researcher on the X project. He told me that I would feel a little out of it for a few hours and then everything should be okay. So he did his final check-up and let me leave. As I left Rafael met me outside and took me to the dining area in the building. That is were he explained the X project to me in more detail. He told me that every member has gotten injected with the cells, and that some members have gotten injected more than once. The cells are used to boost our strength, but also to control our bodies so that they don’t overload. When I asked if there were any severe side effects to this, he went quite and before I could ask anymore questions, Jenis appeared for Rafael. He said that they had to go to X-Keller’s office and that it was urgent. Rafael left and I sat there; after a few minutes, I followed them.

I managed to sneak past everyone and saw into the office. Rafael, Jenis, Siefer, and X-Keller were in the room. And on the screen there was a man with a bunch of information and pictures surrounding him. I could hear what they were talking about. It was their next target and apparently he was a major producer of monsters, experimenting on people and animals. X-Keller told the three of them to gather a small team and go find the man. That’s when I burst into the room and told them that I was going with them. Rafael said no because I just had my cells injected and that this was a serious mission and not for new recruit. But then X-Keller looked at him and told him to let me go with that. He said that I needed the practice and that he trusted my ability to fight. So with much resistance Rafael agreed to let me come. He gave me a file of information and told me that we were leaving in two days and to get ready for a hard task.

So the next day I went to the training room and I trained. During my training, I noticed something different, like I felt stronger. My reflexes were quicker and my senses were sharper. Is that what the X cells are meant to do? Either way, I kept training, and the entire time I was training I noticed someone standing in the corner. To me surprise, it was Jenis watching me. Before I could turn around and acknowledge his presence, he turned and walked out of the room. Why was he watching me? What was the purpose of all of that? I just shrugged it off and kept on training.

When the time came for the mission, there were six of us. Rafael, Jenis, Siefer, and I made four of us, and the other two were women, one was named Cissnei and the other woman was named Myra. Before we left, I was talking to Cissnei for a little bit. She told me a lot about her time in the organization and she told me a lot about Rafael. She told me that Rafael no longer has a family and that he is sort of aloof when it comes to people.  The entire time she was talking about him, I noticed that her face was red and she couldn’t stop smiling; you can tell how much she liked Rafael, but before I could ask her about that, Rafael came to the two of us and told us that it was time to leave. So we all got up, and moved out. So began my first mission as a member of the Hero’s Alliance.


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