Tales of The Protectors: The Start of it All, Part 1

Hey Everyone,

Below this introduction is something new that I am doing, it is called Tales of The Protectors. And for the first time on The Historical Nerds this section will have its own page! That way I can keep all of the stories together and that way they are all together for you to read. However they will also be posted on the home page. And with that, enjoy!

Tales of The Protectors

Tale 1: The Start of it All, Part 1

It’s been a week, exactly one week, since I was approached to be a part of this. My tenth birthday, June 17th, 2004, that was my first day as part of this organization. Jonathan X-Keller, he was the man that gave me this opportunity. After I agreed to his offer, he told me to this creepy elevator, which took us deep underground. To my surprise, there was a big building hidden deep underground. When I asked why this was underground, why it existed, he told me it would all be explained in time. I shrugged it off and entered the building. It was a massive and beautiful-looking inside. Elevators, windows, and doors everywhere, I was shocked and dismayed by all of it. X-Keller told me I belonged here, that I had a purpose here, but as I looked around, I thought to myself, how could I truly belong here? I was taken up to the very top floor, X-Keller’s office, and inside I met three seemingly high-ranking men there. They were introduced to me as Jenis, Siefer, and Rafael. X-Keller quickly sent me away with them to get a tour and learn the ropes, still with so many unanswered questions. Rafael was the one who really showed me around, the other two just kind of tagged along. He explained to me the ranking system, how new recruits are Rank 3 fighters (title we are all given), then promoted to Rank 2, Rank 1, then Rank Hero. Then he showed me the weapons room and the training rooms. However, before I could get a chance to practice, it was time for everyone to go home, so I returned home with still so many unanswered questions.

The next day I returned to the building of the Hero’s Alliance, the name of the organization, and made my way to X-Keller’s office to receive my Rank 3 uniform and my weapon, a sword crafted specifically for the newcomers. I suited up but before I could ask questions about why all of this was such a secret, he whisked me off to the training room, were Rafael and Jenis were waiting for me. Rafael told me to enter the room labeled simulator so I enter the room and all of a sudden the environment changed and a three-man group showed up with weapons drawn. So I drew my weapon and fought back. I managed to fight them all away, which apparently was a shock because when I looked back at Rafael and Jenis, they seemed shocked. After that, Jenis left the room and Rafael stayed and talked to me, gave me advice on my battling. The rest of the day the two of us trained together.  I had made a friend already; it made me feel like I belonged, although I still had so many unanswered questions.

Two days later was finally the day X-Keller and I talked; Rafael was there as well. He told me the Rafael would from that day forth be my mentor, my guide to this world. He told me the purpose of the Hero’s Alliance, to protect the world from the evils the world hides from its people, evil that the police and military officials cannot combat. The next part was what shocked me the most. He told me that everything and everyone involved was hidden, unable to be seen by the people above us. All made possible by an object called the gyroscope. The reason to hide it is because the normal people couldn’t handle these evils, so they need to be hidden, and so do we. However, I am the exception. I am the link between those hidden under the gyroscope and what X-Keller calls the normal people. Then he said that there was one last step to my orientation into the Hero’s Alliance. The step that will make me not a normal human anymore. I told him that I accepted all of this and will do my part to protect the world from these evils, that I accepted this task, and this burden. And with that acceptance, I was taken down to the lab to complete my last step.


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