Anime Review: From the New World

What’s up everyone? Eric here bringing a new anime: From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori). This anime is based off the Japanese novel by Yusuke Kishi and was released between September 2012 and March 2013, so no, there is no english dubbed version yet. The story takes place in Japan, 1,000 years from now.  Five children–Saki Watanabe, Satoru Asahina, Maria Akizuki, Mamoru Itō, and Shun Aonuma–have been born and raised in a tranquil town, Kamisu’s 66th district, that can be described as a utopia overflowing with water and green foliage. The world is ruled by those with the “cursed power” or “gods’ power” of telekinesis. To these children, their world was an absolute paradise. However, after finding a creature known as the “false minoshiro”, a creature that is living library with the history from 1,000 years ago, during a camping trip, they learned that their world was shaped through a bloody history. After learning the truth, a monk intercepts the children and seals their psychokinetic powers and escorts them back to town to be judged for their actions. On their way back, they are attacked by a rogue group of Monster Rats. Now I say rogue because there are groups who are loyal to humans and there are groups that aren’t. The monk easily kills a majority of them, but one survived and suicide bombs himself, killing the monk. With the monk dead, the children start to run as they are defenseless due to the monk sealing their powers. While trying to escape, Saki and Satoru are separated from the rest of the group. They are then rescued by a Monster Rat named Squeara from the “Robber Fly” colony, one that is loyal to humans. After escaping, Squeara introduces Saki and Satoru to the Robber Fly’s queen, and then asks the children to help fight the “Ground Spider” colony (the colony that attacked the children). According to the Monster Rats, humans are gods because of their psychokinetic powers. However, with their powers sealed, Saki and Satoru were powerless. In hopes that Squeara wouldn’t realize that fact, Saki and Satoru try escape…again. While trying to escape…again…Saki and Satoru become trapped with no chance of escape. That is, until Saki remembers Satoru’s mantra and uses it to recover his powers. Instead of fleeing, Satoru decides to help Squeara and the rest of the Robber Fly colony against the Ground Spider’s.

Now I wish not to spoil any more than I already have. My rating for this anime is an 8.5 out of 10.  If your asking yourself “Why did he rate it an 8.5?” well, even though the plot of the story was exciting and very original (for once), there were parts that even I could not understand or follow. However, it did open my eyes to the possibility (albeit, very small possibility) of what the future for humanity can be.

I would now like to thank everyone (yes, EVERY SINGLE PERSON) who has visited our site and followed us. I would also like to apologize for my lack of post due to procrastination. Anyways, until my next post.

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