Anime Review: Another (Anime)

Another (Anime)

How’s it going everyone? Eric here bringing in something a little different today. Aside from my Sonic History posts (and future game review posts), I will also be doing some anime reviews on anime’s I have recently watched. However, I wont review anime’s everyone knows such as Naruto, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, etc. Anyways, that aside, I’m going to review an anime that had caught my attention. The anime is called Another (I still question the title) and is based on the novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. The story takes place in the year 1998, in a town called Yomiyama. However, there is a dark secret within the town, more specifically, at Yomiyama North Middle School. Now, the male protagonist, Kouichi Sakakibara, will be attending the middle school, but is in the hospital due to a collapsed lung. While there, he is introduced by 3 students in his class, Yukari Sakuragi, one of the class delegates, Tomohiko Kazami, another class delegate and honor student, and Izumi Akazawa, who is in charge of countermeasures. Now, why would there be a student in charge of countermeasures? This relates to the dark secret of Yomiyama Middle School. The students start asking Kouichi personal questions, but leave afterwards. Later, Kouichi meets another student with the same uniform as the other 3 in the elevator and finds out that she is in the same class as him. Her name is Mei Misaki and she is the female protagonist of the story and has an eye-patch over her left eye. Once recovered, Kouichi is discharged from the hospital and is now able to attend school. He is assigned to 9th grade Class 3, which, to his surprise, is different than any other class in the school.  During class, Kouichi asks Yukari where Mei is. Shocked to hear that name, Yukari denies her existence by pretending she doesnt know who she is. During gym class, Kouichi spots Mei on the roof of the school, drawing. Once on the roof, Kouichi has a conversation with Mei, and during their conversation, Mei tells him not to get too close to her and claiming that their class, 9th grade Class 3, is “much closer to death” than other classes. Closer to death? What on earth could that mean?

The next day, while talking to 2 of his classmates, Naoya Teshigawara and Yūya Mochizuki, Naoya lets slip that their class is cursed. Before Naoya could explain, Kouichi sees Mei drawing in the library annex and decides to join her, despite Naoya and Yūya’s protests. While talking to her, Kouichi asks Mei about her eye-patch, but before he could get an answer, the school bell rings and the librarian, Mr. Chibiki, arrives and tells Kouichi to leave. Later on, being troubled as to who Mei is, Kouichi goes to the hospital and asks the nurse who had taken care of him, Sanae Mizuno, about “a girl who may have died on the night of [his] discharge.” Although Sanae didn’t know much about it, she looked into it. She later calls Kouichi about what she found. There was a junior high school student (middle school student is the same) who did die. “Her name was something like Miaski or Masaki.” Kouichi, who was standing in front of a doll museum when he got the call, was shocked by this revelation and debating whether or not to enter the shop, even though he ultimatly does. In the museum’s basement, Kouichi finds a life-size doll looking exactly like Mei. Then to appear next to the doll is Mei herself. After a brief conversation, Mei decides to show Kouichi what is under her eye-patch. To his surprise, Mei’s left eye is a dolls eye, and with it, she can see the “color of death” on people.

Another (Anime) Mei

Afterwards, the two proceed upstairs, where Kouichi asks Mei what she meant when she said that their class is “much closer to death” and how is it cursed. So she gives him the information that the other students in their class neglected to do. It all started 26 years ago, the class of 1972. A student by the name of Yomiyama Misaki, who was loved by everyone in his class, teacher and students, died partway through the year. All the students and the teacher were devastated by his death to a point where they soon were in denial by it, and as proof, one student says “He’s not dead. He’s right over there.” In doing so, everyone acted as if he was still alive, even by bringing his desk to graduation.  This action began the curse of 9-3 (9th grade Class 3) bringing the class closer to death and the dead ones. With the story told, the secret of class 9-3 is revealed, but up to this point, there have been no deaths……or so the students of 9-3 think.

Now, I wish not to spoil the entire series. This little summary of the show is only the first 2-3 episodes (out of 12 + the OVA). For a mystery horror anime, I found this to be quite……can’t think of the right word, so I’ll say “Interesting”…….found this to be quite interesting. Normally, I can never watch anything horror (I do get nightmares) but this anime had really caught my attention. After I had finished watching this series, I had trouble sleeping at night. Now for those who are reading this, you’re probably wondering why I would be scared of an anime, correct? True, it is anime, but to me, there was something ominous about this specific one. I rate this anime a 9.5 out of 10 and I highly recommend this anime to all anime fans out there. If reading this makes you want to watch it, I say go for it. Also, if you are going to watch this, make sure you watch it in the dead of night to really get a feel for it.

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  1. Watching the first half of episode one, it already seems decent. Can’t find an english dub but a sub should do fine for now.

    1. yea, Another is too recent to have a dubbed version, it came out i believe last year, also, i hope ur watching it in the dead of night like i said in the post 😀 (thts wat i did, worse idea ever for me tho :P)

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