Alcohol’s Debate

A Turn For No Better Or Worse

            Can you remember? No, of course you can’t, not when you’re celebrating the victory. Or are you’re memories slipping? Yes, that’s right; you’re in jail on one small charge: underage drinking. You heard that they had lowered the drinking age and set out to test your new right, not waiting to see that it was clearly a false claim. Don’t feel too bad, almost 30% of adolescents submit to either peer pressure or natural desire and, like you, start to drink alcoholic beverages. Though not thought as much, underage drinking is an important issue that proceeds as we speak. You, along with many others, will be bailed out of your silly mistake. As long as it taught you something.

There have been rumors going around about the drinking age being lowered, and I completely oppose. The drinking age should not go up or down, but remain as it is. Although I don’t want to say that there isn’t reason behind the lowering of the drinking age, but what would be achieved? “An 18 year old in US has the right to vote, and serve in the military. If an 18 year old can make up their mind as to who the potential leader of the country should be and take a bullet for their country, they should have every right to purchase and drink alcohol.” This is an argument that can be used, but look farther into it. When you’re 18, that’s when you get to make the decisions that complete your life. You can start driving, go to war, drop out of school, join school, and much more, but you don’t want to make the wrong decision early in your life. Especially not when alcohol caused it.

I know the government with their “we must change” ways, and raising it also isn’t going to help. Let me put it like this; you just turned 21 years old and you start drinking, but then the drinking age goes up. You don’t think it matters anymore, but now you, along with thousands of others, are underage drinking. Also, the teens that see drinking as a pleasure will become enraged and start drinking even earlier than before. We can’t always know what’s best for our country, but there are some things that can be waited and viewed upon. It seems that we just rushed into this issue without thinking of the possibilities. We could lower the drinking age, but then it’s too close to the driving age which will cause drunk driving. We could raise the drinking age, but then we have increased chances of youth rebellion. So many choices without a thoughtful resolve.

But wait, what if we just deal with the current problems without adding new ones? We don’t cause rebellions or life crashes. We maintain the drinking age and solve our current problems without a major change in our lives. How do you feel? How do you truly feel? I know that alcohol gets its own disease and how doctors feel about it. “A patient with Alcoholism seems fine until you get to the point where you test their fitness and there’s only one thing that they will drink.” Alcoholism has been a big deal since we established a world trade system, and the moonshines couldn’t make it harder for us to cure. You may say, “Only one drink or two won’t kill you,” but did you know that it could? Alcohol has and will always be made one of two ways: either it is fermented from sugars and starches, or it is produced by synthetic routes like natural gas, oil, or coal. Both of these methods, whether you like it or not, involve acids and other harmful chemicals.

Here’s the crack-down: nothing major has to change. We limit the amount of alcoholic purchases as long as consumption, and we get out of this mess. Not to mention the other things that can lead to alcohol consumption like: peer pressure, commercial influence, and emotional distresses. Yes, you may not think about it but being depressed can influence your decision on many things in life. Then there is the effect of alcohol that retards your thinking process and increases your depression rate. Alcohol also effects every last one of your emotion glands in the most harmful of ways. To prove this, the number three top cause of suicide in the world is “Alcoholic Depression.” The first is just plain “Depression,” but we can figure out why the next five results are common depressions.

Now you may be asking, “What does this amount to in the end; I mean, I know that you have a strong opinion, but what do you want from us? ” We need the government to know that we are headed towards the forked tongue path. We could choose either of the two paths that move forward while coursing with poison, or we could head back the way we came in search of a better path along a hidden walkway. We need to know the consequences of the actions that many don’t care for. We need to appeal to reason and find our way out of this mess in the most sensible way possible. We need to take the time to think about this without saying, “I don’t care, let’s go drink.” No, we need to crack-down on this issue without going beyond reasonability. We have the evidence, we have the materials, and we have the will power; so why don’t we find a way to end this!

“Please, no more,” is what you’re thinking right now. Yeah I’m done. But just consider all of this. Though your brain will try to think of a way to out wit all of this, face it. I won. I alone can’t change anything, but there has to be someone whose mind has been changed by all of this information. So please take a stand and help maintain the drinking age.


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