The Power Within


By: Nick Hossan

Sometimes people will tell you that you’re weak, but from everything I’ve been through,all the death and sadness seen, i’ve learned that there is no such thing as “weak”. People are strong in different ways. Only the people who call others weak, haven’t found their reason for strength yet. People must find their power within in order to find there strength.

If you are faced with an enemy (meaning problem) what do u do? Most people would run away, but you should stand and fight it. If we run, were are putting the fight off till later, but by fighting it head on right then and there, even if you aren’t ready, the problem will be defeated and all of your suffering will be gone and sadness will fade, your fear will fade. You will be happier and thus the world will be happier, thus you will have saved the world and opened your heart to happiness.

Sometimes you lose that fight against your enemy. When this happens, I found that most people run away because they lost. Instead, you should stand back up and finish the fight. If you give before the fight is over, you will lose and your heart will be filled with sadness and anger and you’ll be hungry for revenge. The advice here is always get back on your feet and keep fighting till you truly fall and can’t go on anymore.



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