Enigmatic Soldier

Enigmatic Soldier

Written Story and Video by: Kyle Struski

The day started out like every other one, minus the heartless and nobodies. I was at Destiny Island with Kairi and Riku, and we were all just relaxing, since the day Kingdom Hearts was sealed away.

The clock struck 1:00pm, I close my eyes to reminisce. There is a chill that travels down my spine. I open my eyes quickly to see Riku and Kairi are no longer here, or at least I’m not. I turn to my left and right to see Donald and Goofy respectively looking at me.

“Donald, Goofy, why…why am I here?” I say holding my forehead. I was just home, what happened? Why was I brought here? “Have the Heartless come back or maybe the nobodies? Someone enlighten me here!”

I keep looking around to see that I am in the room with the cornerstone directly in the center, but there is a huge difference from when I was last here. An enormous portal covers the entire back wall, a swirling black, purple, and blue portal.

“The King brought you here Sora.” Donald says. “He isn’t here as of now, but he said that there is a familiar feeling resonating from…well…that.”

“We didn’t want to go in ’cause we ain’t to sure what will happen, and we knew that you would probably know what the right thing to do is.” Goofy adds to Donald.

If anything, what the King told them was right. There is something familiar about this…portal. One thing is for sure though. I have to go in and settle whatever is going on now.

“Okay guys, I understand.” I finally reply. “I’ll go check this out, whether you two wish to join me, it is your choice.”

Donald and Goofy didn’t even have to reply to see them right by my side. I knew that what I choose to do, is what they choose to do.

The two run to grab their weapons since we can’t be too sure. Donald with his staff, Goofy with his shield, and me, with my trusty Kingdom Key, approach the portal. With one final breath, we all nod and leap into the unknown.
The landscape is barren, pillars of stone are placed in every other spot, but other than that, there is nothing more, nothing less. We walk forward a few paces, but I stop in my tracks to a sandstorm pick up directly in front of us.

The sandstorm rages for a minute and then subsides….leaving behind a suit of armor kneeling in front of what seems to be a keyblade. I take one step forward, a voice now runs through my head.

“Aqua….Ven….I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you.” the voice says. “Wait, what is this feeling? It feels familiar, it feels like…Xe…Xeh….nort. Xehnort…XEHNORT!!!”

The armor suddenly stands up and slowly raises the keyblade that it was kneeling in front of. The three of us readied ourselves and drew our weapons. A feeling of pressure surged through my body…

….The war has been reignited….

The armor stops attacking, but the three of us are still prepared. The armor places it’s keyblade back into the ground where it stood before. It then returns to a kneel behind the keyblade as we had first saw it. The voice then begins to talk again.

“Your heart is pure, young boy.” It begins to say. “Although you are not the one I choose, I understand why you wield that blade. Aqua….Ven….I leave the rest to you…”

The voice ceases, and the armor is now lifeless. Donald and Goofy look at me. I smile, and so do they. We turn around and the portal reappears. Before I walk through, I look back at the armor, but I see a tall man with spiked brown hair and blue eyes smiling at me. I wave and leap into the portal.

“For what you have done for us, it fills my spirit with joy to know that there is someone who can fight against the odds and light the darkness within any situation.”

“Thank you…Sora” Terra says fading away.

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