The Pros And Cons Of PlayStation Allstars

By Zyvalor

Have you ever heard of the game PlayStation Allstars? It is a game that is similar to Super Smash Bros Brawl, but has significant differences. One, for instance, is that enemies can only be eliminated when a player has a “special” bar. It is fairly easy to achieve a special bar, but the attacks vary on distance, range, and duration. Each character has their different abilities, as they should. I mean, they are different after all. But there is a strange character that has absolutely no ranged skill whatsoever. Toro. Some may argue, but he just melees people and does a poor job at it. The sleeping option is practically the only way to get AP, unless you happen to grab someone.

Also, the people that resort to just using fast, rapid fire weapons the whole game. That is, in my opinion, the cheapest junk you could ever use. It’s like camping with a shotgun, every one near you is thoroughly screwed. Jak, Radec, Cole, Evil Cole, Sweet Tooth, and Nathan Drake are known for their cheap guns that are high in the range and duration skill. They also have outrageous specials that can kill everybody at least twice. But, as you can guess, some characters have reasonable abilities.

When you think of Kratos, what is he? A mass murdering SOB! Now, why is this? Well, he has killed and absorbed the power of every god known to the world, including himself. Should he be beastly? Yes! Sack Boy, he is a playful bundle of fun. He has done literally nothing to support a cause fight wise. Yet, he can place a fan, a joy-jump, and an elec-trap at will. None of these abilities are in the game, yet he is suddenly able to use them. Should he? No! Most characters are explainable, but some are not. Raiden is a betrayed, rebuilt human from Metal Gear Solid. He has superpowers, as he was merged with the Ray-Mech. His purpose is to destroy Solid Snake, and anything that gets in his way. BA? Yes. Cheap? No, this is how he was designed into the Metal Gear series, and is how he should stay.

Finally, you have the non-cheap but reasonable characters. Ratchet is a very well-rounded character. He has ranged, but even more melee. The only cheap aspect of him is the “Clank Oni Staff.” He just runs around, slowing people down and swatting at them. Dodge rolling is the only way to avoid this, and there is still the thing that you may not move in time. Yeah, you’re screwed. But in all honesty, somethings in this game are just too “Nerfed,” but other things are just right. The difference is big, but to the average gamer, it may be smaller than before we realize it.

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