Ratchet and Clank- The Beasts

This is a game that means you had an awesome childhood, Ratchet and Clank. This was the ultimate in early free-roam programming. Any thing you did earlier in the game, you can do again. Feel like flying around in your space ship, blowing stuff up? Go ahead, you can. As long as that has already happened, you can do it over and over and over. Why? I’ll put it in an easy to understand format. 1. You can get previous rewards for new weaponry. 2. You get to blow stuff up. 3. You feel like re-living your childhood. This game has been “the game” to have since you had to build up about what feels like 500,000 bolts for the RYNO. That took FOREVER! I myself couldn’t do it, but I used a glitch with the Holi-Guise and the Taunter to get infinite bolts in the hover-board race.

Then “Going Commando” appears with more bolt opportunities, but also more expensive weapons and upgrades. Plus the perk to upgrade weapons with Platinum Bolts. This was great, especially when almost every weapon could get the Shock-Mod. Shoot one up, eight fall down. Also, you could get free weapons from the previous game, as long as you had them. But then (lights turn off), the RYNO 2 comes out of nowhere! It costs 1,000,000 bolts, can not be pre-purchased from the first game, and is pretty much the death bringer of everything. You start a new game with the RYNO 2, you can be done within an hour or two. But, my personal favorite part of this game is when there is this scientist in the first accessible level and he just starts trolling you. Tons of frogs toxic him? They’re all dead, yet they still manage to. Plus there’s only one scientist in the level. One word, “Jesus.” He’s practically Jesus.

Then “Up Your Arsenal” comes into play. It was almost perfect, almost. Quark’s Frozen Hideout is the most annoying place in the game. You can freeze, get shot, get chopped, and just phase out of the map if you’re just that terrible with karma. Then the RYNO was ruined. The Rynocerator? Really? It shoots one shot, it doesn’t kill bosses quickly, it only damages enemies in challenge mode, and it just plain sucks. This was the first time that they strayed from the original RYNO design. Next was “Ratchet Deadlock,” but that technically doesn’t have Clank in it (playably, I mean). Back to the subject, there is different armor, telling you that you’re pretty screwed. I remember that the Infernox Armor was the best, yet you still died in three shots by those two eyed tyranoids that shoot how many, oh yeah, three times! But that’s just me venting. If you have a PlayStation 3 and happen to come across the “Ratchet and Clank Collection Pack” in a store, I highly recommend buying it for its awesomeness across years and the Solana Galaxy.

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