Here Comes The Brawl!

By Kyle Struski

It began like any other day here at the historical nerds headquarters. The four heads debated about future editors, authors, contributors, and what new to add. When bringing up a favorite character from a game that each of them likes, the four began to bicker and argue. The end to this debate seemed to be no where in site.

The four debated for hours only to keep attacking the others character and praising their own. What happened next is far beyond what anyone could have ever comprehended. The debate brought all out war. The four made their sides and prepared for battle, not knowing what the others had in store. Little did they know that there was an easier way to settle this.

They all brought their attention to a small white box, one that has know for its power to settle disputes. They all looked at each other and nodded. It wasn’t the time for war. It was time for a brawl. One that would end this once and for all!

It Is Time For A Super Smash Bros Brawl!

         The four all agreed to record the epic battles so that they will have proof of the winner. There won’t be just one brawl, but many to truly decide who will be the victor. With each complete win, one will receive 4 points, and 1 point for the complete loss. The remaining will gain points depending on which place they ranked. (3rd – 2 points/2nd – 3 points)

With the rules all set, it is time for the first brawl…

The First Brawl to Rule them All!

To keep track of the four’s progress throughout the brawls, be sure to subscribe to Kilonera on YouTube.

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