America’s March Towards Fascism

The rise of fascism in the United States of America has been a rapid one. Spurred by the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration has resorted to many fascist policies in the name of “national security’. These policies have been continued under the Obama administration and slowly we have seen our freedom of speech, privacy, and constitutional liberties slowly whither away. However, before we can understand fascism in the United States, we must understand what it is. Fascism is a far-right, radical nationalist political ideology that believes that the state is the ultimate authority in every aspect of a person’s life. Spurred by an extreme sense of nationalism, fascist states are typical militaristic, with high levels of military spending and armies that typically swell to incredible numbers. Driven by extreme nationalism and a huge military, fascist states typically engage in wars of imperalism and expansion in an effort to exert the superiority of their people and purge the rest of the world of the natural resources needed to sustain their state capitalist economies. At home, fascist states are typically ruled by a single, charismatic dictator while the fascist party is the only legal party, as fascism rejects multi-party systems as it undermines national unity. Freedom of speech is non-existant as fascist states will usually employ a “secret police” to arrest and silence any opposition to the state. Economically, fascist states tend to favor a mixed economy, with regulated private enterprise or state enterprises run and managed for the benefiet of the state first while protectionalist policies such as tariffs are put in place to achieve a level self-suffiency. Finally, fascist states seek to impose an objective morality by using the power of the state to coerce it’s citizens to accept this form of objective morality. It’s scary to think about the level of fascism in the U.S.

Make no mistake about it, the United States of America is a fascist state. Wars of imperalism. Check. A militaristic society. Check. Alienation of citizens from the democratic process. Check. A state capitalist economy which favors corporations who serve the state. Check. Using the state to impose an objective morality. Check. A secret police that attempts to silence it’s opposition. Check. The United States currently spends $480 billion dollars on defense, over 8 times more than China, who spend about $50 billion. Most of this spending was authorized with the pasing of the National Defense Authorization Act, passed in 2008 under the Obama administration, which has seen an unprecendented level of militrization in such a small period of time. Sound familiar? When Adolf Hitler rose to power in Nazi Germany in 1933, Germany’s army and navy doubled in numbers until 1938, the year World War II broke out. This was especially true in the Rhineland, which was completley dimilitarized and occupied by France and other allied forces after the Treaty of Versilles  from 1919 to 1930. When Hitler took power in 1933, the Rhineland had about 150,00 German troops. In just five short years, the military prescence in the Rhineland swelled to 550,000 troops. Germany’s militrization under Hitler can be compared to the U.S’s militrization after the passing of the NDAA. That’s fascism. Using this incredibly large military, the U.S has engaged in oil wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while maintaining military bases on every corner of the globe from Germany all the way to Guam. The only purpose of this American Empire and these imperalist wars in the Middle East is to simply purge the world of the natural resources necessary to sustain the consumption of our state capitalist society while driving ourselves further towards economic independce. One only needs to look at the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict as evidence of America’s imperalistic interests in the Middle East, as Israel is the vital prescence the U.S needs there in order to be able to continue to purge the region of it’s oil and maintain U.S hegemony. That’s fascism. At home, we have a police state under the CIA and the Patriot Act, which grants our government beaurcrats the authority to listen to our phone calls, read our emails, and even check our search history. If suspected of terrioism, you can be detained without trial under the NDAA or worse; you could be sent to Guatanmo Bay and tortured. That’s fascism. Politically, we have a one-party state where both Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the money of lobbyists, Super PACS, and large-corporations, thus allowing for the tyranny of the 1%. With the electoral college system, the 1% are able to pick our president while they continue to control Congress with their stacks of gold, alienating the 99% from the democratic process. Rule of a society by a group of beaurcrats? That’s fascism. As a result of the tyranny of the 1%, our government engages in a form of corporatism whereby they use taxpayer money to subsidise large oil companies and continue to offer corporate welfare for big banks and what not. Of course, the government will only do this if it benefiets the state, and the state is controlled by the tyranny of the 1%. Corporatism? That’s fascism. The U.S government attempts to impose an objective morality on it’s citizens through the war on drugs, whereby a group of beaurcrats and the tyranny of the 1% attempt to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body using the power of the state. State control of the personal lives of it’s citizens, smells like the belief that the state is the ultimate aspect in a person’s life to me. That’s fascism. We have even had periods of dictatorial rule, such as Barack Obama ordering the invasions of Afghanistan and Libya without Congressional approval. Still think the U.S isn’t fascist?

America’s march towards fascism is truly a threat to the basic rights granted to us by the Constituion. The 9/11 attacks have only served as justification for the tyranny of the 1% to slowly take away our freedom of speech and alienate us from the democratic process while abroad we continue to fight wars of imperalism and maintain an empire in the name of the tyranny of the 1%. This fascist state we currently live in cannot honestly be what we want. We must fight back against the growth of fascism in the U.S and the tyranny of the 1%. We must pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and structure our forgein policy on the basis of preserving human rights rather than imperalism. We must repal the NDAA and cut our military spending in half in order to halt the rapid fascist militrization our society is currently undergoing. We must repeal the Patriot Act in order to gain back our basic rights of privacy and freedom of speech granted to us by our own constitution. We must shut down Guatanmo Bay in order to restore a sense of humanism to the American justice system. We must abolish the two-party system and ban lobyists in order to restore the voice of the people and end corporate welfare and subsidies in order to end the tyranny of the 1%. Finally, we must end the war on drugs, as no government or group of beaurcrats has the right to use the power of the state to coerce me to adhere to their morality and beliefs. This is the only way we can combat the growing amount of fascism in the United States and take back our rights; unless you’re part of the tyranny of the 1% of course.


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