The Nostalgia of Super Mario Bros. Why the game still remains #1.

The original Super Mario Bros, a game that was part of every 80’s and 90’s kids childhood. The excitment of being able to control everyone’s favorite hero, Mario, and explore the 2-D, 8-bit world of the Mushroom Kingdom was like the kind of excitment you see when a child opens their presents on Christmas Day. The sense of heroism you felt when you defeated the big, bad, mighty King of Koopas, Bowser and rescued Princess Peach from his clutches was the kind any child dreamed of experiencing by pretending to be there favorite superhero. Video games have changed and evolved tremendously since the release of Super Mario Bros in 1985, but the game still ranks at the top of nearly every “Top 100 video games of all time” lists from IGN or any other famed gaming websites. Despite the game having clear graphical limitations compared to today’s modern games, why does Super Mario Bros remain on top? The answer is quite simple really. The game has something that will will take at least another 20 years for any modern game to aquire; that sense of nostalgia. It is this aspect of Super Mario Bros that will always keep it on top of gaming lists. Here’s why the game still remains #1.

One of my most cherished memories from my childhood was getting my first Gameboy Color as a 4 year old and beggining my adventure as everyone’s favorite plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom. While I wasn’t even born when the original Super Mario Bros came out for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), I was fortunate enough to play the remake for the Gameboy Color; Super Mario Brothers Deluxe. I was instantly addicted to the concept of jumping from ledge to ledge, collecting mushrooms and coins, and overcoming obstacles to reach the flagpole at the end. Then came the reward at the end of each world; a showdown with Bowser. Mind you, as a 4 year old, the erie setting of the castle scared me a little, but I still gathered up my courage and conquered all in my path on the way to my showdown with Bowser. Once I reached the Koopa King, I summoned one last bit of courage and leaped as far as I could, and exhaled a sigh relief once the bridge collapsed and Bowser fell into the lava below. However, to my great dissapointment, I discover that the one waiting at the end of the castle is not Princess Peach, but a stupid Toad. But that didn’t stop me from going on to the next world. Even today, I will ocassionally pick up my Gameboy and pop in Super Mario Bros, hoping to relieve those emotions I had as a 4 year old.

So, how exactly do all these memories contribute to the reason why Super Mario Bros is still #1? The answer is nostalgia. I, like many others, can vividly remember those experiencies I had as a kid with Super Mario Bros, and those feelings come back whenever I still play the game. Super Mario Bros is, and always will be, a unique classic. The game still has a certain sentimental value to it that the latest version of Call of Duty or FIFA can never hope to replicate. No game will ever remain in the hearts of so many people like Super Mario Bros can, and that is why this game will always remain #1.


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