To My World

Good and Evil, Hero and Villain, God and Devil, Heaven and Hell, etc. There are many ways to say it, many meanings behind the driving forces of the world we live, but everything boils down to the simple aspects of light and darkness. And for years and years, people, including […]

Just Another Soldier

Out here on the battlefield, All we know is pain, Soldiers marching with guns in arms, With nothing left to gain.   Rifles pop; sending men into shock, And these wars leave us insane, Dignitary; noble sacrifices, All is done in vain.   Just a warrior left on the Earth, […]

Baudrillard’s Vanilla

By: Andre Lopes Massa Every grocery-shopping trip always end up with the same dilemma every time we get to the desert section: which flavor of ice cream should we buy? As you begin to look towards the ice cream section, you begin to notice the multitude of ice cream brands […]

It’s Another Birthday!

Hello fans and followers of the ever growing Historical Nerds! Today marks an important day here for all of us, since today is our websites creator and main administrator Andre’s “Mr. Bean” 21st birthday! So a behalf of all of us here, we wish a very special and happy birthday!