The Folly of Scientific Racism

By: Andre Lopes Massa In my opinion and in the context of this article, I believe that scientific racism is a false concept. The concept of scientific racism can first be traced back to the work of Dr. Samuel George Morton whom, in the 1830’s, formed the hypothesis that Native […]

No Post Poem

So I guess we’ve been inactive, And it’s been a bit of time, But we should break out of this funk, And maybe have some fun with rhymes. Maybe it’s just me, Or others think this too, But ideas keep on evading us, And there’s not much to do. So […]

Pokémon’s Message

Hello, Zyvalor here and I’m sad to say that there has been a major misconception with what Pokemon really tells us about animal and humans. And before I get slapped with something from PETA, this isn’t about cruelty, or not completely. This is going to be about the different types […]


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